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Dr. Nora Glaubrecht


Fax: +49 (0)30 2093 - 8565

Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin

Dr. Nora Glaubrecht


Postdoc, Marine Invertebrates


My research focuses on evolutionary and developmental biology with an emphasis on lophotrochozoan invertebrates, in particular molluscs and polychaetes. I apply morphological and molecular techniques to study body plan evolution and neurophylogeny.

Publications (selection)

Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2010. Capitellid connections: neuromuscular development in the maldaniid polychaete Axiothella rubrocincta. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 10: 168.Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2010. Integrative analysis of polychaete ontogeny: cell proliferation patterns and myogenesis in trochophore larvae of Sabellaria alveolata. Evolution and Development 12: 5-15.

Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2009. Neurogenesis suggests independent evolution of opercula in serpulid polychaetes. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9: 270.

Glaubrecht, M., Brinkmann, N. and Pöppe, J. 2009. Diversity and disparity "down under": systematics, biogeography and reproductive modes of the "marsupial" freshwater Thiaridae (Caenogastropoda, Cerithioidea) in Australia. Zoosystematics and Evolution 85(2): 199-275.

Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2008. Larval neurogenesis in Sabellaria alveolata reveals plasticity in polychaete neural patterning. Evolution and Development 10(5): 606-618.

Nora Glaubrecht