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Sami Asad


Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin



PhD student in the research group of PD Dr. Mark-Oliver Rödel



  • Herpetofauna responses to logging: Spatio-temporal variation in community structure, abundance and recovery under varying logging regimes in Borneo


  • Habitat use and spatio-temporal variation in sympatric porcupine and muntjac species in a logging concession in northern Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.
  • Trichomonas gallinae epidemiology and strain heterogeneity in free ranging British Turtle doves (Streptopelia turtur) and other Columbids.  

Asad, S., Siku, J., Shabrani, A., Wilting, A. and Rödel, M. (2017) Naja sumatrana (Sumatran spitting cobra) DIET. Herpetological review. Accepted.

Mathai, J., Sollman, R., Meredith, M.E., Belant, J.L., Niedballa, J., Buckingham, L., Wong, S.T., Asad, S. and Wilting, A. (2017) Fine-scale distributions of carnivores in a logging concession in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Mammalian Biology-Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde86, pp.56-65.

Asad, S., Mathai, J., Laird, D., Ong, N. and Buckingham, L. (2015) Preliminary herpetofaunal inventory of a logging concession in the Upper Baram, Sarawak, Borneo. Herpetological Review. 46 (1), 64-68.

Asad, S. and Harman, C. (2014) Trimeresurus borneensis (Bornean palm pit viper) Diet. Herpetological Review. 45 (4), 714-715.

Asad, S., McKay, J.L. and Putra, A.P. (2012) The Herpetofauna of Nusa Penidas, Indonesia. British herpetological society bulletin. 122, 8-15.

Sami Asad